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Offering full-service pinball repairs and refurbishments across the greater Brisbane area and surrounding suburbs, including Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, at competitive rates. Door-to-door transport within the region (no stairs). Pre- and post-sales inspection services are also provided. All repairs, including circuit boards, are done by me (no outsourcing).

IMPORTANT* Due to a large workload I’m currently not doing on-site repairs however I’m still picking up and dropping off machines for restores, repairs, and servicing. If you can get the machine to me even better (and faster!).

Regards, Travis

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Brisbane Pinball Repairs
Brisbane Pinball Repairs1 month ago
1994 Sega Maverick for Sale.
I've just finished servicing this machine and its playing great.
New non ghosting LED's
Flasher LED's
New Rubbers including the short post sleeves that often get missed.
New green star posts.
FRAM (Battery Eliminator)
The three "8" drop targets have been replaced with stronger 3d printed ones. (All were broken)
Mirror Blades.
New Line Cord
All flippers were fine, no wear on the stop etc and super strong.
Comes with original topper.
Translite is in good condition.
New Paddle Boat Belt.

The only negative is the damage to the front of the cab under the front door as seen in pics. The rest is normal wear and tear for an original game.
Overall machine is in good original condition for 30 years old.
$4600 firm which I think is more than reasonable for a serviced 90's game.
Private sale.
Brisbane Pinball Repairs
Brisbane Pinball Repairs2 months ago
Hi everyone.
I just picked up a Sega Maverick pinball. I'm going to fully service it with Non Ghosting LED's, new Rubbers, Flippers rebuilt, Battery Eliminator and all the usual good stuff you'd expect. Over all the machine is in good original condition for a 30 year old game with a bit of damage on the front lower edge of the cab otherwise surprising good. Playfield is in excellent condition for it age also. This machine is one of 4 Sega games that use the larger 192x64 plasma DMD display. The display has failed on this machine so I'll be replacing it with a Color DMD, not the cheaper Pin2DMD as there is no colourisation for Maverick. I figure if I have to replace the display I may as well go all out.
Looking for EOI at this point. I haven't decided on a price yet until I have the machine ready and playing but it will be reasonably priced with the peace of mind you're getting a fully serviced machine.
Brisbane Pinball Repairs
Brisbane Pinball Repairs5 months ago
Just a reminder that I'm away from the 12th-19th of January with limited phone coverage. ⛴
Thanks all.
Brisbane Pinball Repairs
Brisbane Pinball Repairs6 months ago
To all my BPR customers and friends, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It's been another busy year for me, thanks to you, and even more so, thanks for your patience.
I'll be taking a break from the 22nd of December until New Year's, and I'll be away again from the 12th until the 19th of January , during which time I'll be unreachable.
Here's some pics from a few of the machines I've serviced during the year including the latest full restore of Steven Adams Funhouse which got the full treatment that included the Funhouse 2.0 - Rudy's Nightmare v2.0 kit.
Brisbane Pinball Repairs
Brisbane Pinball Repairs1 year ago
Just delivered this fully restored NBA Fastbreak to Steven Adams of MooMoo restaurant fame who loves posing for pics 😃. I'm really happy how this one came up. Shame so many of these games were sacrificed for MM replicas.
Brisbane Pinball Repairs
Brisbane Pinball Repairs1 year ago
Sorry for the lack of updates friends so here's a montage of random pins I've serviced, semi-restored and restored in the last 6 months.
I'm still extremely busy playing catch up, so apologies to those who rang me late last year looking to get their machines done. I didn't make it public but my Van broken down with a Transmission problem and only recently got it back on the road, so I've had to prioritise machines people could get to me.
Thank you for everybody's patience and continued support.